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This page lists only some of the Aussies available. If you have an interest in giving one (or more!) of these Aussies a permanent home, please contact the person listed with the particular dog. Please click on any photo for a larger view of it!

Donations of food and/or money are, as always, very welcome to help with all of the Aussies in rescue &
as always we have a big need for foster homes in all parts of the country, "forever" homes as well as many items that are always on a
rescue wish list!  If you wish to help with the rescue of these wonderful Aussies, you can contact any of our reps!

The dogs are listed by Province, please scroll through this page to visit all of them or use the links provided to jump to a particular province quickly.  Thank you!

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British Columbia





British Columbia

Denali is a beautiful 4yr old neutered red Merle Aussie looking for his forever home.
He's had a rough start, being bounced between a number of homes and all he wants is a place to call his own.
He's a smart guy and needs someone who can provide lots of exercise and mental stimulation to keep him happy.

He knows all of his basic commands and can even roll over.
A home without small kids or cats is best, as he does try to herd them.
And a home experienced with herding breeds is ideal for him.
Denali is a good dog who just wants to be loved!
For more information about Denali contact Karla at 250-919-2424.

For information about available Aussies in British Columbia, please contact
Kim Marosevich at (lower mainland)
Pam Arlitt at (Vancouver Island)
Jesse Kendrick at (Kootenay Valley)

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This lovely seven year old spayed lady, and yes her name is "Aussie", lives in Fort St. John, BC.  Due to family health issues she is looking for that perfect new home!   Her family tell us the following about her:


She is house trained, knows basic obedience, heel, sit, down, wait, give, come (unless she's distracted) & a typical Aussie her stay is good for a short time!  She also knows beg and shake or "give me 5".  Aussie has finished two sets of agility classes - beginners and intermediate & she really enjoys agility and can easily do a series of obstacles.  She would probably make a competitive agility dog as she has energy to burn and she catches on really fast.  She finds the weave poles the most challenging.


Aussie has learned to carry a dog pack when she goes hiking and she's up for anything that involves moving.  She quite readily trots on a treadmill when the weather is nasty.


Aussie is friendly with people and not shy about meeting strangers. She is good with older children (7 and up) but she may be too active for toddlers although I've never had her with them so I don' t know for sure.  She loves rides in the van and going with her people.  In fact she is happiest being with her people doing something active.


Aussie must have ample daily exercise or she gets anxious which shows up as barking, pacing and whining.  She wants to chase anything that moves so a fence and/or a leash is a must.  Aussie is fine around balanced dogs but doesn't know how to handle shy, anxious or dominant dogs. She was removed from her mom at 5 weeks and not properly socialized as a puppy so she is still learning doggy etiquette."


For more information please contact:

Darlene Fritz

Phone - 780-832-6115


Please check back on a regular basis or get in touch with one of our rescue reps for help in finding an Aussie to share your life!
We all like to keep a list of potential adoptive families!  We're also always looking for people willing to foster an Aussie in need
until we find a forever home for them.  For more information about Aussie Rescue in Alberta, please contact:


Heather Foster
Phone - 780-983-3055
Jeni Gallichan
Phone - 403-746-5331
Darlene Fritz
Phone - 780-538-1317


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For more information about Aussie Rescue in Saskatchewan, please contact:

Kelly Campbell

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If you would like more info on Aussie Rescue in Manitoba please contact:

Kristine Boyce

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If you would like info on available dogs in Ontario please visit the website

or contact:

Ginnette at

Nicole at

Kim at

Jane at

ARPH adoption applications can be filled out at

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We are always looking for foster homes anywhere in Canada.  If you could provide a temporary home for an Aussie in need please contact one of our rescue reps in your province.  The list of reps can be found on our main index page!

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